How to Make Egg Burger?

How to Make Egg Burger

To make Egg burgers it’s easy at home, tastier and healthier than restaurants. Also it is not much time consuming job to make egg burgers everyone will enjoy this McDonald Like burger in the lunch at home. You can simply make egg burger using the ingredients like onions lettuce beans etc. and can use the toppings also condiment like sauce tomato mayonnaise. Burgers are the sandwich that consists of buns and then the spices are added according to the flavor. Burgers can be made in both home and the restaurant .today we are going to give you some tips how to make sweet spicy juicy and mouth-watering egg burger .You would love to make your own rather than going to outside restaurant which is less time consuming and you can use your own creativity during your leisure time and in the special occasion with your family. It can be the best therapy to your mind and body. It takes nearly 10 mins to make a single burger.

Using this idea I promise you are never ever going back to the pre made frozen patties that you buy from the grocery store. The method of making homemade burger depends on what you have available and what you prefer by way of taste and texture. The homemade burgers can be cooked with grill of boiler fried in the skillet of frying pan or barbecued. They can also be baked. It is your choice to use any method, after taking the patties out of the fridge, spritz them with a little cooking oil or brush them with some melted butter before cooking .You can add seasonings, flavorings to make it tastier and give a shape to your burger as you like to serve the way you like.


Ingredients to make egg Burger Recipe

  • Eggs-4
  • Burger buns-4
  • Mayonnaise-2tsp for each burger
  • Onions –circularly sliced for toppings and chopped for patty
  • Tomatoes- circularly sliced
  • Parsley Seasoning
  • Tomato sauce-1tsp for each of burger
  • Cheese slices-4
  • Potatoes
  • Oil Salt-To fry the potatoes

Procedure For Preparing Easy Egg Burger Recipe

At frist prepare the eggs by seasoning them with a little bit of salt and pepper and make 4 small bulls eyes frying both the sides of it in oil.

Take the buns brought from the nearby grocery and slice them horizontally into two toast them properly.

You should take care of the buns and lower the heat as needed.

Take lower half of the bun and apply 1 tsp mayonnaise on it. Add the parsley seasoning on it a little. Now Place one of the eggs bulls eye on it and then again apply 1tsp mayonnaise  a little ketchup and little parsley seasoning on it .Now place some onion and tomato rings on it .Finally place a cheese slice on the top of it .Now place some onion and tomato capsicum on it. Finally place a cheese slice on top of it and cover with the top half of the burger bun.

For the potato fingers keep the sliced potato fingers in cold water along with salt for at least 10-15 minutes the deep fry them in oil. Delicious egg burgers are ready to be served with the potato fingers.



  • It is truly better if you serve them with onion rings ,chips, French fries,or other things along with a soft drink, juices or beverages.
  • You can make some kind of art or design burger in the  theme to serve people using beautiful plates.
  • In case that your burgers buns are getting soggy ,try toasting them ahead of time.
  • Before forming the patties mix the meat with eggs and bread crumbs in a mixing bowl .this will give them richer taste and help them from falling apart.
  • Prepare the toppings while the burger and the egg are cooking to utilize the time and to finish making burger in the estimated time for the best result. (Wash the lettuce and tomatoes. Halve the burger buns, then thinly slice the tomatoes. Place the ketchup and mayonnaise on the table for diners to make their own choice.)


  • Make sure that your toppings like lettuce ketchup and tomatoes are healthy enough to serve.
  • Make sure your burger is well cooked. though you may prefer your meat rare or medium rare for grilling it does increase the risk of food poisoning. your burger needs to be cooked for certain temperature and for specified period of time to kill bacteria that may be inside.
  • While cooking the egg it doesn’t consist of enough fat thus you need to use fat or oil so that bulls eye egg will be fried well.

As eggs are beneficial for health and are less time consuming everyone do prefer to make and have their own tastier and juicer egg burger. It also has nutritional value on the other hand.

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