How to make Burger Recipe by TV Star Gordon Ramsay

Burger Recipes

Your art of cooking shines when you prepare it well, and you give your best and work with passion. Everyone has a dream to cook like a Best Chef In the world, but not everyone can do it. When I do think of Burger Recipes, my mouth becomes watery, and I can also get it at a low and reasonable price. The happiest thing about a burger is that you can make your own Burger Recipe in your house as you wish to. You can make it of better taste and delicious burger recipe then that is found in the restaurant or some other places outside your house. You can make it in your home using the available things nearby your grocery with the simple ideas. But today here I want to let you know the secret idea of the TV Star Gordon Ramsay to cook the Burger recipes. Definitely grilling burger is not easy as it looks and who better can give you tips to grill burger than Gordon Ramsay. In a segment On Good Morning America, the celebrity chef talked about making the most incredible burgers for your summertime barbecues that would be better in taste and makes you a good cook.


According to him preparing the best burger recipes ever starts before it hits the grill. He means to say that It Begins when you pick out the things needed to make a burger at the grocery store. He recommends a blend of beef cut into different forms, including chuck, ground beef, and some brisket. It is his Secret idea that high-quality ingredients used to make burger always produce better burgers than you have ever thought in life.

After you form the meat into patties, you should season them. This a significant component as one could expect. Gordon Ramsay recommends overall seasoning sides of patties thoroughly and evenly, which is very important in making tasty burger recipes.

All this task should be done the day before, according to his advice. And to set them well in the fridge is his idea so that the patties won’t fall apart and stay in their shape while grilling another day.

If you had thought of making and seasoning patties right the day you are going to grill them, then that is the wrong idea ever. That is the blunder mistake, according to him.

When there comes Final time to cook those patties, You should remove the patties from the fridge and let them aside unless they come close to the room temperature. Otherwise, the patties will contain water, and they cook unevenly which makes your patty left somewhere uncooked and ruins the whole preparation, So make sure that your patties did come to the average temperature or not.

He strictly advised that not to make rookie mistakes during grilling time. He says that you need to move the patties as little as possible. There is more chance of breaking of the patty when you touch it continuously so move only once during grilling time. Leave them to be cooked during grilling until it becomes golden brown. He also recommends brushing the burger with chipotle butter to add flavor if not then brush with red wine. He says it is the secret that butter makes beef burger tastier and juicer than expected.

Finally, Ramsay’s last tip for making a burger better and tastier is to toast the bun on both sides. Not only do you get a fair bit of charred flavor, but it also helps to avoid the much-dreaded soggy bottom and to bring crunchiness to the burger.
As everything is ready, his advice to serve the toasted bun by making it look beautiful. You need to put the beef patty with cheese, mayonnaise, grilled onions, lettuce and tomato as the fillings in between the halved buns which are roasted. According to him, you can serve them as you desire with French fries, sauce, chips along with the juices, soft drinks, or beverages.
Some Of The Important Tips From Gordan Ramsay

  • Remember that all sides of patties should be evenly seasons for better taste.
  • Before toasting those on the grilling season the patty one night before.
  • Fridge it so that it would stay in shape.
  • Let the meat sit at room temperature before grilling. It will avoid drying of meat and remain uncooked.
  • Move less when grilling it will not break if so.
  • Toasting burger is most important as to avoid sogginess.
  • Moisten the burger with butter for the better and tasty result.
  • You can also do it with red wine instead of butter.
  • At last, add the toppings

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