10 Hamburger Recipes You Must Try at Home

Hamburger recipes that are super simple to make as well as taste delicious. Make the juiciest hamburger recipes that are flavorful and are perfect for summer BBQs.

If you like to browse all these 10 easy hamburger recipes in one place, then look no further. Here are all the 19 easy hamburger recipes.

10 Best Hamburger Recipes

1. Slimming World Low Syn Pork and Apple Burgers

Health is one of the crucial aspects of our life. We should always take good care of our health because if we are sick, we became unimportant and useless. Sometimes we also lose our hopes, and everything became stagnant.

Well, to keep you healthy – eating a healthy diet is very important. Taking that into consideration, we are going to give you a fantastic recipe that is both healthy and guilt-free options. If you want to treat yourself healthily, then this amazing Slimming World Low Syn Pork and Apple Burgers would be an ideal option for you.

2. Bacon and Cheddar Stuffed Burger

When it comes to a burger, the entire world loves the burger. Everyone loves all kinds of burger, whether it should be a beef burger or a cheeseburger, or a thick burger or a juicy burger.

Similarly, burgers are a popular summer treat and picnic treat. However, having a similar kind of burger every time gets boring after a while. So, why not try something new this year? You can make some delicious, simple cheddar stuffed burger using bacon at your home. This bacon and cheddar stuffed burger is the simplest and the most delicious recipe, and will surely help to impress your guests this summer.

3. Turkey Burger 

And If you are tired of eating those regular chicken burger and beef burger recipe and want to try something new yet healthy and delicious, then go for Turkey Burger recipe. This recipe is much healthier than the beef burger. It is rich in protein and an ideal recipe for kids.

In general, turkey contains less fat and calories as compared to beef. So, that makes turkey burger recipe healthy alternatives to beef burgers recipe.

4. Mushroom Quinoa Burgers with Roasted Garlic and Thymes Mayonnaise

Quinoa is considered one of the most popular health foods in the world. It is full of protein, gluten-free, and one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids which are also referred to as ‘mother of all the grains’.

Besides that, Quinoa also has so many essential vitamins, like fiber, iron, vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin E, and other various beneficial antioxidants. It is pronounced as ‘Keen-Wah’.

When made into patties, Quinoa can be eaten with side dishes or on a burger, or in snacks or as salads. It is delicious in just about any way you prepare it and can combine so many different flavors inside it.

5. Ramen Burger

Are you not a fan of bread? Never mind, try this amazing burger that uses ramen noodles instead of a bun! Ramen burger is an excellent combination of ramen and burger. The traditional hamburger buns are replaced by patties made from ramen.

6. Portobello Mushrooms Burger

Portobello mushrooms are large ‘Agaricus bisporus’, with a firm and delicious flavor. It can be an amazing substitute for meat in a burger. They can be cooked in several ways and can be served as a side dish or a main course.

This Portobello burger recipe can be expensive in restaurants but can make at a low price at home. If you learn to cook this delicious Portobello burger at home, then you can save your time and money as well. Learn how to cook Portobello mushrooms burger for a family meal or a lunch.

In addition, this Portobello mushroom burger is a perfect substitute for those individuals who are seeking for a burger experience without using meat. These are juicy, rich, velvety, and fillings.

7. Slider Burger Patty

Do you know how easy it is to make burger patty recipe at home? You have to combine all the required ingredients in a bowl. You can also add flour if you want. Then, shape them into balls and flatten them into 1 or ½ inch thick patties and smoothen the surface with the use of a spoon. You can make your burger patty recipe as the way you like it.

8. Juicy Lucy Burger

A Juicy Lucy Burger, also known as Jucy Lucy, is basically a cheeseburger with the cheese inside the meat instead of on the top. It results in a melted core of cheese. As the burger cooks, the cheese inside the patties melts, making the meat around the center of the patty very juicy. Yum! How could somebody resist? Let’s dive in and cover how to make a juicy Lucy Burger.

9. Black Bean Burger

Black beans are a perfect substitute for a ground beef burger because they are high in protein and fiber. Black bean also contains low fat, which makes them very nutritious and healthy.

10. Grilled Pork Burger

Pork burger recipe can be made easily at home as well as we can have them in the restaurants. The homemade burgers can be cooked with a grill or a broiler, fried in a frying pan or skillet, or barbecued. Pork burger can also be baked. However, the methods depend on what you have available at your home and what you prefer by way of texture and taste.