How to make Simple Burger Recipe?

Simple Burger Recipe

Actually, I am a foodie. I love to eat foods. Moreover, I don’t visit restaurants to eat, but I am the kind of girl who loves cooking too with some new and better ideas. When I do think of making something in the home its nothing other than Burger, which can be made by the equipment’s available in-home and has simple ingredients that you can buy from the nearby grocery. You can make a simple burger recipe at home easily.

So now here I am going to give you some ideas of simple burger recipe which you can make at your home. These simple ideas of making a burger is undoubtedly making you fall in love with cooking. You can prepare food to your special ones in your special occasion. And I am sure that following these tips they are going to love the foods you make for them.

Burgers are simply Sandwich which consists of patty either veg or made out of meat. You can create your own taste and regarding your health. You can also add the toppings like lettuces, thinly sliced onions, Tomatoes and the condiments like tomato ketchup, sauce and other spices as your taste.

Ingredients for Simple Burger Recipe

-Potatoes or Meat

-Chopped onions

-Thinly sliced tomatoes

-Ginger and Garlic paste or ginger powder


-Bread crumbs or rice flour


-Sauce, ketchup, mayo sauce

  • Choose either vegetables Or Meat to make the patty.
  • If you choose vegetables, you can use potatoes finely chopped onions, beans to form the patty.
  • If you choose the meat, you can use either lean meat or meat containing fat. The best idea is to go for the beef meat for the juicer and tastier result over the lean meat of chicken and turkey.
  • Whether you choose veg or meat for patty mix them well in the bowl with the other spices or flavorings like garlic and ginger paste or powder, salt and pepper for the better taste.
  • And then the next step is to make them into the small balls of tennis. Lightly wet your hand talk the ball in your palm and squeeze it in the middle to give the patty flat size. Make the patty of 3 to 4 cm thickness.
  • After giving the shape to the balls, dip them into the rice flour or the bread crumbs to bind them.
  • The thickness of patty can also cause a significant difference in the taste and look of the patty. As the thickness of patty is small, it can be cooked well rather than that of more thickness.
  • As the thickness is less, it consumes less time to cook, and also there is less chance of being pink in the middle of the patty that is left uncooked.
  • It is my advice that do not use the spatula to press while cooking the patty as the juicier thing inside the patty will come out, and then the patty even looks terrible.
  • Turn the patty only once while frying or roasting it.
  • Take the precautions that the flame up won’t get damage the taste of the patty so move the patty here and there while frying or when you are using charcoal to roast the patty.
  • While cooking the patty, you can make the toppings ready like green lettuce, slice the tomatoes and onions rings.
  • Cut the bun into two halves and roast them on both sides.
  • Make your burger now. Put the tomato ketchup, mayo sauce, and the toppings in between and place the next bun at the top. Now the burger is ready to serve.

At home, you may not have the best model griller so you make fry the patty in the frying pan or simply roast or can be barbecued. As things are available, you can make the patty. To make the patty juicy, you can simply fry or roast it. The main aim or the patty is to make it juicer and even more tastier.

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